News Updates 04-05-2016
Indian Institute of Legal Literacy, announce that Admissions are open for Diploma in LEGAL LITERACY for Session 2016-17.
Admissions Open for the Session 2016-2017 Hurry Limited Seats Left .
Our Aims & Objects Vigilance is the process of paying close and continuous attention and awareness is the ability to observe and to be conscious of event. Keeping the torch of vigilance and awareness burning bright should be your number one priority. This is all that is necessary for enlightenment. Constant vigilance, specially constant awareness of the mind the thinking process.

Vigilance and awareness are very effective tools for honour and saffity in the human life : Awareness is regarded as the most crucial investment in human development. It significantly contributes to make improvement in health, hygiene, demographic profile, productivity and practically all that has a bearing on the quality of life.

Let us not forget that ignorance leads to greater exploitation and lack of empowerment leading to perpetuation of poverty, ill-health and a host of other social problems. So we provide basic and essential knowledge to admitted students so that they can understand the law and know the scope of their rights under the law and eventually assert their rights as a means to take action, uplift their social status and being in social change. Our aim is only to develop vigilance and awareness skills in the society.