Women have a equal rights as men to life, liberty, equality and dignity which are guaranteed, by the constitution , extended in international covenants and enforceable by courts in India. This basic concept of equality has many shades of grey, as women all over India, both rural and urban literate and illiterate, whether a mother, daughter, wife or daughter–in-low are keenly aware that though the Indian male worship them as goddesses in some instances, yet in other circumstances. She faces physical and mantel threat to her well being by the some male members of society .

The Indian law has also provided special measures for children as loving care with all support for development and special care during early childhood, the attainable standards of health and education, adequate standards of living freedom from all forms of exploitation or inhuman treatment . But there are so many children in our society who are exploited by some selfish member of society.

We take up children’s and women’s issues ranging from prevention of sexual harassment or exploitation, child prostitution and trafficking, sexual abuse, child labour . dowry deaths , female infanticide, child education with special attention to the girl child, income generation by the women.